Hi, I’m Jeff, the creator of PennySleeve.com

I’m a sports fan who started collecting baseball and basketball cards as a kid. In 2018, after moving to Seattle for a new job and having some extra time on my hands, I created a blog, Sports Card Analytics. For me, my blog has done a good job of combining a creative endeavor with geeky analysis as well as my favorite hobby.  It has been fun and many of you have reached out to tell me you’ve checked out my posts. I super appreciate it!  If you’re not familiar, check it out if you’ve got some time and enjoy longer form articles mostly about basketball cards. 

I also buy and sell cards. Not at a massive scale at all. Pretty small-time actually. I go by the user name gymratcards on Blowout Forums and on eBay. You’ll find me on Blowout, posting infrequently, but often reading and taking in what’s up in the hobby. Periodically I’ll post stuff on eBay to sell. Not enough to have a store or anything though.

Which leads me to to PennySleeve.com. I asked myself, why don’t I have a store of my own online to sell cards? So, I decided to open up PennySleeve as a store that specializes in basketball cards that may be underappreciated by the hobby for their relative rarity, eye appeal, and hobby significance.